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Sales & Business Development

  • The Problem

    Business  & Sales development case study, to increase sales.

    Our Solution

    {Situation: Our client is a tool and die company in the upper Midwest with a large operation in Mexico. It is a large family owned business with a professional CEO.

    |Challenge: The company was doing very well in all operational aspects including manufacturing, HR, engineering and customer support. The company needed to upgrade their sales and marketing performance in an industry that is highly competitive and where the buyers are always attempting to commoditize the offerings provided by sellers.

    |Sales and Marketing Performance Strategy: Our sales consulting service conducted a two day ?Selling Excellence? seminar to show the Executives the ?best practices? for sales and marketing processes. The sales aptitude assessment was given to all customer facing people. The company developed action plans for improvement.

    |Result: The company executives did a superb job of implementing the strengthened processes. The company?s sales and marketing processes have improved so that they are equal to the rest of the company?s processes. Significant increase in sales has occurred.

    |”Closing rates tripled and customer satisfaction increased from 82% to 100%”

    |Situation: The client is a USA distributor of custom made, high quality wooden windows. The windows are manufactured in Haerbin, China.

    |Challenge: Closing rates were too low to support company aggressive revenue targets and customer satisfaction ratings were unacceptably low.

    |Strategy: The CPQ (personality assessment) was administered to all sales people (hunters and farmers), inside sales people and customer service reps. All groups were given appropriate skill training.

    |Results: Our sales consulting service recommended that a few people be moved to different jobs based on their natural aptitude. A few people were dismissed. Three new hunter salespeople and two new inside salespeople were hired. Closing rates went from 15% to 39%. Customer satisfaction increased from 80% to 100%. Revenue targets were exceeded.

    |”Growth rate tripled in one year”

    |Situation: Our client is a manufacture of private jets. They also provide worldwide service for their jets and for jets manufactured by other companies.

    |Challenge: Revenue goals were not being met. The salespeople had not had sales training 8 years. The company did not have a sales process.

    |Growth Strategy: Over a year period, we provided the following sales consulting services:

    |Sales training and sales negotiation training for all sales people, account managers and customer service people.

    |Sales aptitude assessments for all

    |Developed a sales process customized to the company

    |Develop a 200 page plus sales playbook for the sales people Results: The growth rate of the company tripled after completion of the four tasks

    |Challenge: The company had spent $500,000 developing business development processes with no noticeable effect on up/cross selling to current customers or obtaining new customers.

    |Growth Strategy: Our sales consulting service developed a growth strategy for the company, provided the CPQ, sales aptitude assessment, for all customer facing people and provided customized business development training to the executives and key BD people.

    |Result: Sales are increasing rapidly. Within one week of the Business Development training, one of the BD people closed a $5m deal that had been stalled for 18 months.

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