Research Supporting ROI Based Selling


Reduce Discounts:

Early adopters of ROI selling methodology have reduced discount by 20-30% and realized significant up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by selling on value rather than price.
International Data Corp (IDC)

Optimal pricing is all about delivering maximum value to each customer and capturing an equal value for your company in the form of fair, value based prices.
PricePoint Partners

By making prospects fully aware of all the costs and benefits that they become less price sensitive enabling sellers to discount less and achieve list prices more frequently.

Reduce "No Decisions":

81% of buyers expect sellers to quantify their value proposition.
Information Week

Between 60-80% of all losses are due to 'No Decision.'
Customer Centric Systems

Results from 707 proposals produced 30% wins, 15% losses and 55% no decision / pending. Of the no decisions only 2% became wins (98% became losses).
Thomas & Company Inc.

Executives that believe that shareholder value is a critical component for making corporate decisions, 75% of them said they require ROI analysis before making an investment choice.
Doremus Communications

Reduce Sales Cycles:

"On average the sales cycle is reduced 30-40% with ROI-based selling."

A valid ROI sales effort reduces the sales cycle by 30-40%
Gartner Group

Early adopters of ROI selling methodology have increased selling effectiveness by as much as 60%.

The average sales cycle for a million dollar Lotus Notes deal is 18 months. For companies that first completed an ROI analysis, 65% reported their purchase process to be 6 months or less.