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  • What is Education Quality Assurance QA?

    High-quality assurance is definitely the systematic evaluation of educational programmes to make sure that acceptable requirements of education, scholarship and infrastructure are being maintained.

    According to UNESCO promotes capacity building at the regional and national levels for top quality assurance and accreditation mechanisms as aspect of your Worldwide Initiative for High quality Assurance Capacity (GIQAC) and its activities dealing with the high-quality assurance of distance education and open educational.

    The workshop content and curriculum based on International and European standards, like UNESCO and QAA formula, that prepare you to pass any Educational Quality Assurance rounds.

QA education quality assurance workshops  is one of the foremost issues of universities, schools, training centers, institutes, and other educational institutes,  worldwide and within the Gulf area, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait. Becoming and remaining eye-catching for young men and women, faculty, employees too as partner institutions from the region and around the planet requires a constant improvement of good quality. Good quality of greater education can also be the hallmark to get a effective contribution to employment and economy. But how does a university, schools, training centers, institutes, and other educational institutes, come to be a high quality university?

Universities, schools, training centers, institutes, and other educational institutes, are
putting quite a bit of efforts into projects and initiatives relating to excellent. But, typically they struggle to foster an institution-wide commitment to improvement. Sustainable and constantly enhancing excellent can’t be achieved by way of mere structural reforms and initiatives. A university demands to nurture and develop its inherent top quality culture, that is absorbed and internalised by all levels of governance, across all disciplines and which includes all departments and each and every member of faculty and staff.

This workshop is
devoted towards the development and enhancement of institutional quality culture. It can equip participants with ideas and techniques that will support to create such a culture and totally embed it in all locations in the operations of a university.

    Workshop, Checklist, Audit QAA, • UNISCO Education, QAA, Educational Quality Assurance best practice. Accounting, Your way to PASS QAA rounds.

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Workshop Agenda and content:

  • Overview on Quality Assurance (QA) Concepts and Principles
  • QA and management concepts and principles; QA technique models and tools; benefit of high-quality systems; benchmarking.
  • UNISCO Education, QAA, Educational Quality Assurance best practice. 
  • Reports; Baldridge award; QA System design; QA Analysis; implications for larger education and coaching, Case Research..
  • Quality Assurance Systems and Self-assessments 
  • TQM; Baldridge award; Deming prize; ISO 9000; ISO 9000 certification process and procedures; implications for larger education and coaching, Case Research.
  • Quality Assurance internal & external audit. 
  • Audit stage; documentations and reports of QAA; programmes audit; QA Students/teachers/staff; group discussions.
  • QAA Checklist and assessment practice.
  • Live practice on current QAA Educational Quality Assurance evaluations and best practice to pass the Quality check.
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  • 24 & 25 February 2017

    Workshop taught by:

    Professor Nabil El Kadhi, PhD

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