Proper Auto Maintenance


As a car owner, you are responsible for the everyday upkeep of your vehicle. By keeping your car in good working condition, you can protect yourself as well as those around you from car accidents. There are several different auto systems that should get regular maintenance and attention.

First, your tires feel every single mile that you travel. Thus, this is a part of your car that you should check frequently. Flats are a common problem on the road. A tire may not look flat, but you may notice it pulling in the direction of the flat. You should check your tires' pressure when you are parked on an even surface. Your car should have a recommended tire pressure on a sticker in the frame or on the door, and all of your tires should be the same psi. Additionally, you should also check for wear.

Next, your brakes also deserve your attention. Your brakes are arguably the most important part of your car's control system, and when your brakes go out, it can lead to devastating accidents. Brakes need replacing every 12,000-60,000 miles. If you check your brakes as soon as they start making strange noises or feeling strange, you may be able to replace the pads without having to replace the calipers or rotors.

Another thing that you may not realize that you need to check is your windshield wipers and wiper fluid. Wiper fluid is necessary when things splatter on your windshield, obscuring your vision. Your wipers are of utmost importance when it is raining. Without these to clear your windshield, you may be blinded by rain.

Lastly, to keep your engine running smoothly, you should get oil changes every 3 months or every 3,000 miles, which ever comes first.

Frustratingly, you may keep excellent care of your vehicle yet still suffer from an accident due to a defective auto part. If you have been injured because of an auto malfunction, you should contact an experienced Iowa auto defect attorney from LaMarca & Landry, PC, today.