Child Injuries From Cats


When most people think of injuries from pets, they usually think of dog bites or vicious dog attacks. However, the dangers of cats are lesser known but still present. Especially for young children, cats can be dangerous and cause serious injuries.

Cats and Children

Cat bites and scratches are relatively common– cats often bite or scratch as a form of play. However, cats also bite and scratch when they are angry or feel threatened, and sometimes serious injuries can result, especially for young children. Young children might anger or frighten a cat while petting it or by pulling on its tail or limbs. As a result, a cat might retaliate and inflict serious injuries on a child. If you have a cat and a young child, or plan to bring your child to a home with cats, take proper precautionary measures to ensure your child’s safety.

  • Talk to the cat’s owner about the cat’s everyday behavior and ask how the cat normally acts around young children.
  • If the cat has had a bad experience with a child before, request that the owner keep the cat in a separate room from your child during your visit.
  • If the cat has never been around children, monitor its behavior closely. If you fear for your child’s safety, do not allow your child near the cat.
  • If you allow your child to play with a cat that has been around children before, you should still monitor both the cat and your child closely.
  • If the cat appears upset or agitated, do not allow your child to continue to play with it.

Infections from Cat Bites and Scratches

The main risk associated with cat bites and scratches is the potential for infection. Because of the length of claws and the sharp nature of claws and teeth, cat injuries are prone to lead to infections. In some cases, these injuries and their resulting infections can end up as serious medical problems.

If your child is injured by a cat, first monitor the severity of the incident. If the wound is minor, thoroughly clean the affected area with a disinfectant and cover it with a sterile bandage. However, if the injuries seem serious, especially if it affects the neck or the face, consider seeking professional medical assistance to avoid further complications.

The families of children who have been seriously injured by a cat may want to consider taking legal action against the cat’s owners to gain compensation for personal and financial losses. For more information about legal issues surrounding personal injuries, visit the website of NYC personal injury lawyers Orlow, Orlow & Orlow, P.C.